Upcoming focus group for transgender and gender non-binary people in June

Researchers at the Cambridge Health Alliance and the University of Rochester are holding focus groups in Cambridge, MA. Please join us and share your recommendations for oncologists so that they can provide more effective and friendly care for transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people. The requested commitment is a one-hour in person focus group. We will provide an MBTA Charlie card for transportation, snacks, and a $15 gift card.

The researchers are aware of the the history of systemic violence and marginalization of transgender and gender non-binary people in medical institutions, and committed to ensuring that identities are respected by research staff and other participants. We want to make this space feel comfortable for you and have spoken with trans individuals about how to best ensure this. If you have concerns about how your identity will be honored, please get in touch with us.

This will be the first step in a nationwide research project that we hope will improve the medical care and health of LGBTQ+ people with cancer. Please contact Alison Alpert, MD, of the Cambridge Health Alliance by telephone at 646-942-4847, email at aalpert@challiance.org, or go to www.lgbtq-cancer-study.org for more details. The next focus group will be March 25th in Cambridge with a time TBD.